Tuesday 13 October 2015

A Winner !!!

Her empty eyes kept staring me;as if telling me that though she has lost game of life but have won many hearts .” How will I live without her now? Her smiling face was my strength, my satisfaction”, thought Geeta bidding goodbye to her daughter Sneha.

The claps resonated across the complete auditorium which jostled up Geeta from her deep thoughts. She was present there to receive the award for social service on behalf of her daughter. The event was organized to felicitate the members of the “Smile” organisation who worked day and night for the welfare of young girls to educate them and make them self dependent.

“It is difficult to absorb the fact that today Sneha didi is not with us, but she was an inspiration for many little girls like me. I am certain that she is here somewhere among us immortal. May I call upon the stage Mrs Geeta to receive the small token of love from all of us”, addressed a little girl smiling.

Now Geeta came to know why Sneha always said that,”Maa! You will never miss me”. 

Sneha is present among us alive in these smiling faces.

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