Wednesday 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

“I want some pakoda’s”, said Mili. Sunita passed on a bowl. Mili was surprised to see the bowl of biscuits and said in a complaining manner, “Mamma I asked for pakoda’s  not biscuits”; Sunita came to reality hearing Mili’s loud tone, kept her Smartphone aside and passed on pakoda’s and sauce.

Isn’t this situation common in every household now -a -days? Situations may differ but we are all disconnected from this real world while very much attentive virtually. We all might have also noticed that though we sit next to each other but we don’t have words to speak rather we have a lot to share online.

We may have hundreds of friends on our social networking sites but still the real zing in life is missing. Real togetherness lies in spending quality as well as quantity time with each other minus our gadgets. It could be eating meals together, talking about each other’s experiences, sharing the joy and reverses, doing the house hold activities together, playing some outdoor games with kids. Switching off ourselves from the world around and switching in into the real world will definitely bring in balanced environment where kids get to know the importance of a family, its values and the rich culture that we are bestowed with.

Many small moments should be captured and saved in our heart to cherish the moment of togetherness.  The real happiness lies in understanding our near and dear ones, caring and loving one another. Let us break all the barriers which are unknowingly increasing the distance within us. The feeling of affection, oneness, expressive eyes, hug of friends, the giggles, those wiping of tears can surely not be felt virtually.

Mother Nature is always been teaching us the values of togetherness and is bestowing its unconditional love. When we visit a garden nature’s beauty mesmerizes us and keeps us engraved. The running on lush green lawns bare foot, the peeing of our mighty sun from the cloudy sky, the scented cool early morning breeze, the smell of wet floors, chirping of birds, that imitating the movement of creepy caterpillar are just incomparable to any kind of bliss. The simplicity in life and simple gestures can do wonders.
Kissan has taken a very beautiful initiative to remind us that we are really losing out something precious by locking ourselves indoors. Kissanpur  is a place where people enjoy life by blooming to the fullest to spread the vibrant colours of happiness and cheerfulness around. The smiling face of our near and dear ones is a real togetherness. It can be a reality it can be our own society and home if we take a little care by maintaining a balance between the digital world and reality.

@ Meenal

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  1. Ohh I hear you on this! I have in fact started to put my phone on airplane mode every now and then. We need to be more into life than into our phones. No?



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