Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dreams - Our Propeller

Gazing at the sky, on a dark night day,
With subtle breeze and calmness stay,
Stretched like a dome, it is a kind of craft,
Dexterity of lord with lots of shining stars.

Feeling cozy in his lap, Asked my dad,
When will I grow, to reach that majestic black?
How can I own them? And pluck some for you,
How charming they look, Dad, I want them too.

Smiling and pleased dad answered pointing high,
You do already have them, oh! My sweetie pie,
My eyes shone with a spark, eager to feel,
I ran back and forth, surprised and relieved.
Dreams are like twinkling stars !!

Do let me know, where are they hidden?
I do also need some for my buddy and kin
Will never let them go, I Promise you dad
Just give me the clue to find out that.

You already have bundles, deep within,
In the form of dreams, you surely own them.
Dreams are like stars which twinkle in us,
and gives us hope to be prosperous.

Dreams are like twinkling stars which propel us in a right direction.


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