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75 Quotes by the PM & the President of India : Amrit Mahotsav

Celebrating 75 years of Independence of India, we are celebrating Amrit Mahotsav this year 2022. Our leaders have always led the nation on a prosperous path and guided us with their words. We have encapsulated powerful quotes from the Prime Ministers of India and famous quotes from the President of India. We present 75 quotes by the PM of India & President of India in total. 

Collating all the quotes is our way to celebrate Amrit Mahotsav with 75 quotes from the PM & President of India and sharing a glimpse of history with our readers on our blog. 

50 Prime Minister of India Quotes

Jawahar Lal Nehru  15-Aug-1947 to 27-May-1964.

The first Prime Minister of Independent India was known as 'Chacha Nehru' for his love for children.

1. "Without peace, all other dreams vanish and are reduced to ashes."

2. "Citizenship consists in the service of the country."

3. "Facts are facts and won't disappear on account of your likes."

4. "The children of today will make the India of tomorrow."

Gulzarilal Nanda 27-May-1964 to 9 June 1964  11-Jan-1966 to 24 January 1966 

The second Prime Minister of India gave his services from

5. "Industrialization relations are of the highest importance from every point of view including that of production." 

6. Water gushing out of thousands of springs at different places cannot move the wheels of a big engine to carry out very heavy tasks. But the channeled flow of the same water in the bed of a stream will, however, be irresistible and can become a source of tremendous energy.

Lal Bahadur Shastri  09-Jun-1964 to 11-Jan-1966

7. "We believe in peace and peaceful development, not only for ourselves but for people all over the world."

8. "I am not as simple as I look."

9. "Discipline and united action are the real sources of strength for the nation."

10. "We must fight for peace bravely as we fought in the war."

11. We have to surmount the difficulties that face us and work steadfastly for the happiness and prosperity of our country.

Indira Gandhi –  24-Jan-1966 to 24-Mar-1977 & 14-Jan-1980 to 31-Oct-1984

The iron lady of India

12. The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

13. Whenever you take a step forward, you are bound to disturb something.

14. Happiness is a state of mind, you know. I don't think you are permanently happy. One is happy about certain things and not so happy about others.

15. To be liberated, a woman must feel free to be herself, not in rivalry to man but in the context of her own capacity and her personality.

16. Ability is not always gauged by examination.

Morarji Desai 24-Mar-1977 to 28-Jul-1979

17. “Life at any time can become difficult: life at any time can become easy. It all depends upon how one adjusts oneself to life.”

18. “One can't be kind to one person and cruel to another.”

19. “An expert gives an objective view. He gives his own view.” 

20. "Self-help must precede help from others. Even for making certain of help from heaven, one has to help oneself."

Charan Singh 28-Jul-1979 to 14-Jan-1980

6th PM of India

He is known as the 'Champion of India's Peasants'.

21. "Simplicity doesn't mean to live in misery and poverty. You have what you need, and you don't want to have what you don't need."

22. "Have patience! In time, even grass becomes milk."

23. "Even for our enemies in misery, there should be tears in our eyes."

Rajiv Gandhi 31-Oct-1984 to 02-Dec-1989

24. “We need a better strategy to achieve the national goal of a stable population, healthier and better educated.” 

25. “The freedom movement transformed the status of women. Women fought along with men as comrades. In the process, the shackles that had bound them fell away.”

26. “We cannot and will not rest until we have won true swaraj for the hungry and spiritually starving millions - until we have wiped out poverty from our land.”

27. “To the nameless and unsung heroes of our freedom struggle, we offer our humble tribute. Their life-blood nourishes the body of independent India.”


Vishwanath Pratap Singh 02-Dec-1989 to 10-Nov-1990

28. “The way people are being displaced, who can stop the arrival of Maoism?”

29. “Don't rely on luck, you never know that fate is relying on you.”

Chandra Shekhar 10-Nov-1990 to 21-Jun-1991

30. "I believe in expressing my view openly and in a forthright manner. After assuming the new responsibility, I will think over the matter and crystalize my approach. My government will do everything to take the country forward in all spheres. "

31. "There comes a time when one has to choose whether to kneel and be blessed, or to stand up and be counted. I choose the latter. "


 P. V. Narasimha Rao 21-Jun-1991 to 16-May-1996

32. "I think the most sacred right of man is to be happy."

33. "To keep choosing between the one kind of damage and the other was unprofitable. Wisdom lay in preventing or avoiding damage altogether, of both kinds."

34. "When I don't make a decision, it's not that I don't think about it. I think about it and make a decision not to make a decision."

Atal Bihari Vajpayee 16-May-1996 to 01-Jun-1996 & 19-Mar-1998 to 22-May-2004

35. “I believe that democracy is the best guarantor for peace and cooperation among nations.”

36. “India has never played politics with national security.”

37. “We want peace to be permanent.”

38. “I would like that no citizen of the state feels alone and helpless. The entire nation is with them.”

39. “We believe in equal respect for all faiths.”

H. D. Deve Gowda 01-Jun-1996 to 21-Apr-1997

40. “I have to lead my party from the front. I love meeting people and this happens only during elections.”

41. “I may be a sleeping politician. But one should know that a sleeping politician is always awake about national politics. I am not like politicians who sleep on national issues though they may be awake physically.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh 22-May-2004 to 26-May-2014

42. “Unity and secularism will be the motto of the government. We can't afford divisive polity in India.”

43. “Together with international unity and resolve we can meet the challenge of this global scourge and work to bring about an international law of zero tolerance for terrorism.”

44. “Life is never free of contradictions.”

45. “I've always believed India is a country blessed by - of - blessed by God with enormous entrepreneurial skills.”


Narendra Damodardas Modi 26-May-2014 to Incumbent

46. “We have to build the capacity of our institutions, employees and workers.  Our regulatory environment has not been encouraging to research, innovation and enterprise.”

47. “I have been a firm believer in the federal structure of our country as enshrined in the Constitution.”

48. “Our country does not believe in the concept of your God and my God. We believe that all gods are one. We have different ways of accepting Him. All ways lead to Him.”

49. “It is my absolute belief that Indians have unlimited talent. I have no doubt about our capabilities.”

50. “In order to fulfill the aspirations of the masses, we have to sharpen the tool called the government machinery: we have to make it keen, more dynamic, and it is in this direction that we are working.”

President Quotes of the Independent India

Rajendra Prasad 26 January 1950 - 13 May 1962

51. "One must learn to play one's age."

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 13 May 1962 - 13 May 1967

52. “Reading a book gives us the habit of solitary reflection and enjoyment.”

53. “A life of joy and happiness is possible only on the basis of knowledge and science."

54. “Teachers should be the best mind in the country."

Zakir Hussain13 May 1967 - 3 May 1969

55. “Education is the master and politics is its servant. It is necessary to combine power with morality as well as with science and technology "


 V. V Giri 24 August 1969 - 24 August 1974

56. "Education is the principal tool of socio-economic development."

57. The youth of the country, who are the most potent force in building India to progress and in preserving its unity, have to be shown the right example and given the right lead. A spirit of self-introspection and dedication to national well-being will make us all go along the right path.“

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 24 August 1974 - 11 February 1977

58. “How does the press manage to come out with the controversial bits in the cabinet meeting?”

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 25 July 1977- 25 July 1982

59. “The Speaker is seen, but not heard, and the President is neither seen nor heard. He would very much would a President who is neither seen nor heard, but who decides. I would like to do something silently.”

Zail Singh 25 July 1982 - 25 July 1987

60. “Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.”

61. I am a sepoy and will follow the guidance of my leaders.

Ramaswamy Venkataraman 25 July 1987 - 25 July 1992

62. "A country is not born as a democracy. It evolved and matured into a democracy. We are only in the infant stages of the democracy. "


Shankar Dayal Sharma 25 July 1992 - 25 July 1997

63. "The democratic outlook is strengthened by such awareness of experience accumulated through history in different parts of the world. "

64. “Holders of public offices should set salutary example of rectitude and of high standards of personal conduct and accountability.”


K. R. Narayanan 25 July 1997 - 25 July 2002

65. "India has been a cauldron of dreams, ideas, and aspirations of the humankind and this is a distinctive character of India, and India in that sense represents the world in miniature. If a system can succeed in India, it will indicate the possibility of such success in the world as a whole. "


A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 25 July 2002 - 25 July 2007

66. "To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal."

67. “Creativity is seeing the same thing but thinking differently.”

68. "If you fail, never give up because FAIL means "First Attempt In Learning".

Pratibha Patil 25 July 2007 - 25 July 2012

69. “India is known for its sobriety and wisdom, balanced and sensible thinking. We need strong institutions and we need good governance in the country.”

70. “There is simply no way our nation can progress if its women population is left behind.”

 Pranab Mukherjee 25 July 2012 - 25 July 2017

71. “The young people of India will build a strong and powerful nation, a nation that is politically mature and economically strong, a nation whose people enjoy both a high quality of life as well as justice.”

72. "As Indians, we must, of course, learn from the past; but we must remain focused on the future. In my views, education is the true alchemy that can bring India its next golden age".

Ram Nath Kovind 25 July 2017 - 25 July 2022

73. “Our aspiration must be to reform, upgrade and enlarge our education system - and to make it relevant to 21st century realities of the digital economy, genomics, robotics, and automation.”

74. In India, knowledge has always been considered more valuable than power, fame or riches. In our tradition, educational institutions are respected as temples of learning.


Draupadi Murmu 25 July 2022 – present

75. I want to tell the youth to not just focus on their future but also lay the foundation of the country's future. You have my full support

The quotes from our leaders not only inspire us to be more diligent toward our nation but also gives us the power to stay determined in our responsibilities for the India.


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