Sunday 7 August 2022

The Most Fun Things to Do in Cincinnati

We always hear about big cities in the US when discussing education hubs, business hubs, tourist destinations, or architectural marvels. Several not-so-bigger cities offer equal opportunities in every field. One such city in Ohio is Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is a storied city with much to offer. Once called the “Paris of America,” it’s filled with stunning architecture like the Music Hall and Cincinnation Hotel.

The University of Cincinnati was founded in 1819 and is now one of the largest schools in the nation. It’s home to several sports teams, over 40 local breweries, a line-up of delicious restaurants, and an art and entertainment scene that keeps the locals busy.

The next time you’re looking at Cincinnati houses for sale, check out one of the many fun things to do in Queen City.

Catch a game

Cincinnati is home to the NFL’s Bengals, MLS’s FC Cincinnati, and MLB’s Reds.

The Reds are integral to baseball history as the first openly professional ball club in 1869. Today they play at the Great American Ballpark, the team’s seventh home stadium, and have five World Series titles to their names.

The Bengals have not yet won a Super Bowl but have appeared in three Super Bowl games and several playoffs through their years in the league. They kick off at the Paul Brown stadium among a sea of orange and black.


Get an eyeful of art

The Art Museum at Cincinnati was established in 1881 and is one of the oldest in the country. It’s free admission and houses more than 67,000 works of art that span 6,000 years of talent. 

A noted piece in the collection is the Odoardo Fantacchiotti angels, created for the main altar of St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in the late 1840s.

You can also find works by Sandro Botticelli, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. 

It sits in scenic Eden Park, away from the bustle of city life, making it a quiet affair for those looking for a peaceful adventure.


Head to market

Findlay Market is another long-standing spot in the city, founded in 1852. This local market showcases the area’s best meats, cheeses, produce, and handcrafted items.

The stalls in the hub are both indoor and outdoor, and it’s open Tuesday through Sunday year-round.


Hang out with furry friends

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has a vast number of animals and plants life and a 4D theater and rides.

This second oldest zoo in the nation is home to the world-famous hippo Fiona, the first Nile hippo born in the zoo in 75 years.

There are over 500 animals here, including the last living passenger pigeon and the last living Carolina parakeet. Habitats include Cat Canyon, Gorilla World, Reptile House, Wolf Woods, and the Elephant Reserve.

Attend a performance

Cincinnati Music Hall not only brings in top talent for shows but is also a marvel to behold.

This stunning piece of architecture is considered one of the best examples of Victorian Gothic Revival Style, designed by Samuel Hannaford.

The hall has hosted famous historical figures like Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, and Ella Fitzgerald have played here.

Today, the Hall hosts concerts, off-Broadway shows, and much more. It is also named one of the most Terrifying Places in America thanks to the many paranormal experiences that several employees have reported over the years.

Traveling to a new place expands our horizon and provide opportunities to explore new dimensions. Every place possesses a unique warmth and teaches new experiences in life. 'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.' Saint Augustine.


  1. Cincinnati indeed is a beautiful city. We were lucky to watch a game there. The weather is beautiful, and city feel itself is very cozy.

  2. I don't know if you heard of the song...Cincinnati bubla boo :). It was in the 60s I guess when i first heard this name. It seemed too farfetched to include the name of a city in the US at that time. I am sure it must be an interesting place to visit as you have painted a pretty picture.

  3. I had stayed in Ohio 2 years but sadly not get a chance to this beautiful city of state. I have few friends there, would love to visit the city and do all these fun things. thanks for sharing this amazing fun to do list with us.

  4. Cincinnati definitely seems to be a happening place. The must dos mentioned definitely urge you to make a visit. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Cincinnati is a city to catch up on a variety of things. One should plan in advance to get full of the city. It also sounds like a good place for property investment.

  6. Cincinnati looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. Got to know a lot about this place through your post.

  7. One of my cousins is in Cincinnati and there might be a visit on the cards. Your blog will come in handy when I am there.

  8. One of my cousins is in Cincinnati and there might be a visit on the cards. Your blog will come in handy when I am there.

  9. i have heard from my cousin who is there in Ohio about this place, they went for an excursion trip there and all i could see was the beautiful lanscapes. indeed a beautiful place to get a home and stay.

  10. Next tour at Cincinnati. Would love to explore this beautiful city. I am sure it will surpass my expectations

  11. My friend stays there and heard a lot from her . hopefully i get a chance to vist it atleast once in a lifetime.when someone writes on any place ..traveller in me gets ready with bags


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