Wednesday 31 October 2018

Comfortable baby with right Baby products

Being cautious in every move you take becomes a general tendency of a mother in respect to their children. And yes mothers do take utmost care when it comes to health of a child. I feel a child is happy when he/ she is in most comfortable environment. Be it atmosphere of the house, the vibes, clothes kids wear and even the products applied to them.

Toddlers, who can hardly express themselves, have their cute expressions to convey their messages. Furthermore only can cry to display their discomfort and its parents whose deduction and analysis of situation then understand the actual problem and act to resolve it and make the child comfortable again.

Situation can be hunger, mosquito bite, and toy under their bedding or a skin rash. Yes newborn and toddlers skin is so delicate that even a change of temperature makes reactions to their delicate soft skin. So parents need to be extra careful while choosing baby care products for them.

Diapers, are a must important in today’s fast paced world and it provides a comfort for both baby and mother. But choosing a right diaper isn’t enough; you need to choose right kind of baby wet wipes too. Yes, a good diaper and not good baby wipes will still lead to diaper rashes.

If you are worried why your baby is having rashes though you are using best diapers for your baby then move your attention towards the baby wipes.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes - AuraOfThoughts

The best baby wipes I have come across is Mother Sparsh baby wipes. If you ask me why then have these pointers for you.

Water based: Firstly it is water based wet wipes, the first brand in India for water-based wipes. Yes a better equivalent to water and cotton, you use it for baby.

Natural: Mother Sparsh baby wipes are made with natural and organic material.

Mild Fragrance: These baby wipes have a mild fragrance that doesn’t leave you and baby with strong smell after use.

Passed the flame test: These are made from fiber and can be tested from the simple flame test. Check out the how to perform the flame test from this post, here. Yes Mother Sparsh has excellently pared with flying colors in the flame test conducted.

Pocket friendly: No effort on your pocket, you use each wipe approximately for a rupee.

Easy availability: Rush to your nearest store or buy this product online on leading shopping platforms.

Environment friendly: Yes I always look in to the products that are environment friendly or not as I don’t want too add waste to the mother earth by myself. In that motive also Mother Sparsh helps, since it is make from 99% fiber; it is easily degradable in the soil.
I use this product for my toddler :)
I have listed the entire plus for a baby wet wipe, that can make your baby feel comfortable. So next time if you think you are doing enough by buying the best brand diaper, then even laid your attention to the baby wipes you are using. Maybe the wipes are the culprit for the diaper rashes and not the diapers. So switch to Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes to keep your child comfortable in all ways.



  1. Flame test! I never would have thought I would ever have to run such a test. I use similar type wipes in my house. Grateful for the information.

  2. Yes, we need to pay attention to everything that goes into the care of our little monsters. Thanks for the informative post, Sonal! :)

  3. Recently, I have read a lot about Mother Sparsh wipes. My favorite plus was it environment friendly.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about Mother Sparsh, i’ll certainly purchase and use it myself to test it..

  5. This is a good information for me...never knew that wipes can also cause rashes...I will switch to organic wipes now

  6. I am too personally using it for my kids and quite happy with it. Must say a safe product for our kids

  7. A really interesting and useful product for all the mothers with newborns. Nice informative post Meenal & Sonal.
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