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Sibling Stories : Reliving the Childhood

#SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. Thirty esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk reviving the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and revive golden memories of the past.   
We take the baton of the train from Judy Moris and thank her for passing the blog train baton who is an avid traveller, foodie and proudly describes herself as ‘Jack of all trades’. Writing has been her passion. Her articles have been published in city supplements of The Times of India and more. She has her travel and lifestyle website The Other Brain Inc. Check her travel photos on Instagram at @freemindtree.

Siblings and their stories are always special, so when I found this blog train we hopped onto it to tell our tale of siblings. What a coincidence siblings writing for SiblingStories blog train. Yes we, Meenal Sonal, blogging sister duo are having a great time writing together so many stories and articles with a single notion in mind and that is positivity. We are three sisters Meenal, Sonal & Akansha to cheer our sibling fondness. For us 
A Sibling is a person who

cares for you without being judgmental,
is a critic to the core
guide and mentor,
supports you in all situations
your first friend
and your partner in every task (even in pranks)

Siblings, their love and relationship are extra ordinary and I would say incomparable to any other. Though sometimes people compare it with friendship but for me my siblings are an edge over it or would say have a special place in my heart. And somewhere the credit goes to our parents.
Yes, Parents imbibe affection and respect among siblings at early stages. I remember my parents allowing us to take a different approach in life, plus I would say they would acknowledge our diverse interest in such a manner that we never hesitated to explore new things. This aspect helped us to gain a mutual respect for our interests. Though the fields of education were different and our behavioral aspects varied we respected each other point of view. We never pulled each other leg for choosing a field, which was completely contrasting for others.  This is like being with people who will never judge you over your choices and this makes our ‘Sibling Bond’ more special.
Many believe that if you are close to your siblings then you need to be in touch 24*7; and thanks to digital media we can hop on to each other timeline any time. But we are quite different in this aspect; sometimes it’s the days or sometimes even weeks that we don’t talk about each detailing of life but when we talk we have a glazing smile and same warmth for each other. Now that each one of us is in different cities after marriage we still have a great bond of understanding when we meet. 

Aura Of Thoughts - Sibling Stories - MeenalSonal
Pic credit: Author-MeenalSonal
I would not deny that we had fights over silly stuff, maybe as silly as who takes which shelf to arrange the books our which pen to use. My mother used to say “Don’t fight over petty things, later you will long for meeting”. At that time these words would just surpass our ears but in later teens we would simply sought our arguments thinking of future separation. We some how knew that marriages would be turning point of lives, being far way from parents and siblings is one of the major change in married life, the rest change follows with the flow.
Festivals are the time I remember, how we used to decorate house on eve of New Year and Diwali in childhood, this was the time our energies were in full swing and would run over the house with trivial liners, like New Year aaya, khushiyan laaya … And one memory that is still afresh is whenever our parents used to go out for important work leaving us behind would instruct us “Don’t open the door, whoever it be, be it any X, Y and Z” and to that we all three would respond with giggling faces “Can we open door for any A, B, C?” And then we all used to laugh out loud each time this happened. I am still laughing writing these lines, that’s the magic of memories.
Sharing few snaps of our child hood and few recent snaps. SiblingStories blog train made us emotional and I am happy being in a memory lane that is cherished the most.  Sibling stories flashes fun, loving, events in mutual respect for each other. There are many more incidents of childhood that are so fresh in our memory, but would end this blog post to pass on the baton to the next blogger Jennifer.

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  1. You are right, as kids we fight as if that's the only thing that can give us the inner peace but when we are far of from that person then we are left with only memories. I still remwnbwr, I used to measure Parle-G biscuit before giving one to my sister and God knows I how but I used to think I got the bigger piece.:-)

  2. Lol! What is childhood without any mischievous acts done, right?

  3. Yes that's true now we only have memories with us which we missed most of the times

  4. Though we all fought with our siblings for silly things, we cherish all the love, bonding and memories. Such a sweet account of your sibling memory.

  5. I believe fights between siblings help them bond better. Please reading about your bond with your siblings.

  6. Wow loved reading your sibling stories and also the poem. Stay blessed :)

  7. the highlight of this post was surly your poem and the pictures that you had shared. lovely read.

  8. Thank you sonal, meenal I relived all the moments.. Yes it is the bond which has a different place n respect in my life and I feel you guys have a major contribution to it.. As the youngest in the house, I have learned a lot from both of you(Mischief as well ��).. Could never image a better and joyful childhood without you guys.. I am soo proud to be a sibling of two talented bloggers, which I know I can never be as I am always short on words��.. Keep up the good work.. Stay positive.. Love you ��

  9. Agree that when kids we fight for silly & petty things and later on miss those moments :)
    Do check my post in this series

  10. Amazing story and a lovely poem.We all have so many memories to cherish.Your family picture shows the strong bond shared among you guys.God bless.

  11. Beautiful account of your childhood memories. Well penned

  12. oh seriously reading your post reminded of christmas crib decoration that was the responsibility of me and my bro. We used to wait for this time.

  13. Yes, of course, siblings do long to meet once they are grown and away from home. Nice, crisp, and relevant expressions here. Loved the post.

    Arvind Passey


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