Tuesday, 23 June 2015

3 Reasons to start Yoga on #International Yoga Day

Now a day’s life seems to have set on a speedy track where very less breaks, make it monotonous and hectic. What one need is a peaceful and serene mindset. It is true that one cannot escape from this routine pressure but can surely help out one self by following some fresh and revitalizing activities like yoga. Yoga, is our ancient gift which is inherited from our fore fathers and is followed by many as a routine. Lets look on few reasons why Yoga is beneficial to every individual.

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1. Inner Peace: A stable mind can make everything around it unwavering and peaceful. “Where do we search peace, it is within us”, exactly this point portrays a striking thought process. A frigid mind tends to topple and tumble leading nowhere. At times we tend fail maintaining balance in our activities and end our day with many pressures in mind. 

Yoga - A holistic approach

2. Healthy Routine: Steadiness in actions and behavior will take us far in the life’s race and we would surely excel without any glitches. Yes this is what Yoga, does to us. Unknowingly it becomes part of our life and being consistent with its routine will make us an healthy individual.

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YOGA & Its Benefits

3. Glow & Grow: Yes, you read it right. You will be glowing with healthy skin and your inner peace will remove all your stress and make your skin shine. By practising Yoga on each day will make us grow as a person too. I have experienced myself and assure you that Yoga will bring a positive change in your life.

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To awaken the people and to teach our young generations the importance of yoga 21st June is celebrated as ‘International day of yoga’. It is the celebration of richness of Indian ethics and values. Many people all over the world practice yoga as a stability factor in life. It is beneficial for all irrespective of the age group.

So why not we all join hands and protect our rich values and teachings of our fore fathers which would definitely benefit the way we look at life.

Yoga Benefits - Aura Of Thoughts

A Haiku, dedicated to YOGA,

Ancient origin
Refined, perfect and polished
Traits exemplified                       

Redoubles stamina
Allows mind to remain calm
Warehouse of good health

Share with us your healthy secrets with us. Is Yoga is part of your routine too?


  1. Nicely explained, Meenal. Liked your expansion for YOGA :)

    1. Glad you liked it Ravish Mani....keep visiting !!!

  2. What a good idea. I should do this, probably.


  3. I have started stretching again. Perhaps it's time to give yoga a try.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Yoga will definetly work Su sieee Mac ....keep visiting !!!

  4. Indeed a calm mind is an important need for the day. In the chaos of life and the world around us, mindful practices like yoga can indeed be very helpful. Thanks for writing this post, Meenal.

    1. Yes Beloo, Inner peace can be driving change in our lives. Thanks for visiting :)

  5. These are three powerful benefits of yoga,nice post.


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