Saturday, 9 December 2017

Contest #2 - #AuraOfPositivity

Picture essays thousand words and sometimes a single picture leaves a permanent mark in our thoughts. Look at the below picture. Write in a sentence or two what this picture signifies to you. Share with us in the comments section below.

Photo Prompt - Contest @AuraOfThoughts 

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Few Pointers to know:
Contest ends on 12th Dec 2017, 11pm
All comments will be moderated.
No Anonymous entries will be entertained.
Results will be declared on 14th Dec 2017.

Winners will get a Personalized and Digital gift at the end of the December 17. 

We are celebrating entire December with contests and giveaways, so look for more fun and mindful contests here. We are participating in #BlogchatterProjects with a mission to spread positivity in and around people.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Winners of #Contest1 - #AuraOfPositivity

It was truly an amazing to see listen the varied perspectives on the word ‘CRACK’. And after reading all the entries the one, which we liked the most is ones that filled the aura with utmost positivity are here.
aura of thoughts -Contest & Winners
WINNERS of #Contest-#AuraOfPositivity
Where Anks celebrated the word CRACK, Naziya defined it thoughtfully and Ravish Mani’s different approach took us to surprise. Have a look what they say here in comments of post

Ankita – Queen of Positivity
Naziya – Queen of Thoughtfulness
Ravish – King of Originality

Winners please email your email ids to to receive surprises from us.

Look this space for more mindful contests coming up in this month.


Monday, 4 December 2017

Contest #1 - #AuraOfPositivity

Words have their various forms and different perspectives. Don’t you think each word brings varied meaning? There is always many ways to think about a word. For some a certain word gives them positive approach and for some it hinders their thinking, we @AuraOfThoughts say it’s matter of perspective; we believe if one has positive approach no negativity will ever encircle you. 

Have a look at the word prompt below and tell us what comes to your mind.
Do let us know what “CRACK” word mean to you in a sentence. Do not limit your thoughts; be open to share few words from your bag of positive perspective. Let #AuraOfPositivity be shown through your answers.

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Few Pointers to know:
Contest ends on 6th Dec 2017, 12am
All comments will be moderated and will be published on 7th Dec. Bloggers do leave a link to your blog in comments.
No Anonymous entries will be entertained.
Results will be declared on 7th Dec 2017

Winners will get a personalized and Digital gift at the end of the December 17. We are celebrating entire December with contests and giveaways, so look for more fun and mindful contests here.


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Celebrations @AuraOfThoughts

Every footstep towards a milestone, which is, not so far is so thrilling. AuraOfThoughts is too not far from its 4th blog anniversary.

Yes! We are turning 4 !!! On Dec 17th Yipee!
With great enthusiasm we have come up to celebrate the same with our readers & fellow blogger friends.  Positivity is what we look for whether it is around or within us, henceforth we have come up with the theme #AuraOfPositivity.

Blog Anniversary Celebration @AuraOfThoughts
Keeping it simple AuraOfThoughts would be conducting fun & mindful contests this complete month and the rules for the same would be conveyed soon.                          

With fourfold cheer we want your participation to make the moment more magical. We are coming up with 4 Contests – 4 Categories starting from 4th Dec 2017. Winners can win exciting personalized & digital gifts from us; so participate and make the #AuraOfPositivity hue sprinkle it’s charm all around.

Watch this space for more information and follow our social handles and subscribe to our mailing list by then. Upper right corner of the blog you can find all J