Thursday, 23 February 2017

Gaiety Stopover

 Long ago
 High-pitched vision weaved
 Raced firmly
 Through straight path
 Impish languid spirit gone
For writing passion

Yippee!!! It's time to stop over for a while and celebrate as we have crossed a landmark of 250 posts. The above Shadorma poetry narrates our journey of writing. When we look back we cherish the time we were appreciated, the time when we learned, the moments we laughed and sometimes we jotted down with teary eyes. It was the best part when we received sincere comments from our fellow bloggers and friends, which helped us in a great way to recreate aptly. We sister have very positively nurtured our blog with utter care & devotion and we definitely cannot live without writing and sharing our views. 

As every milestone takes a turn and brings a new change, we have also come up with a pinch of newness in our blog. Keep reading & keep showering your love.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Go Germ-free with Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

GERMS GERMS! Everywhere, yes they do exists in millions or rather trillions in number. They almost cover each and every hook and corner our surroundings. Coming in contact with the infections is totally unavoidable but a few precautions can be very helpful. Frequent hand-wash can surely curb most of the germs, but this task looks tiresome to kids and sometimes breaks their flow of activities. To overcome this hurdle Godrej has come up with Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer, it is a great thought of lending a hand towards making the people healthy and thus happy. 

Sanitizer that too pocket size is a boon for both parents and kids, as it can surely fit in those tiny little pockets of heroes and find a place in a cute miniature purses of princess. Without leaving their busy playing activity kids can make germ free environment by using this sanitizer.

Monday, 13 February 2017

My Tree Story !!!

A little bush near a pond,
swayed by the gushing wind, was everyone's charm.

Had lots of friend bushes beside,
singing the freshness song alike.

Time just quickly passed by,
all the bushy friends rose high and high.

But the little one was left with asymmetrical growth,
mamma tree's worry soared, reason behind remained unexplored.

My Tree Story !!!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Professor's Charm -Harry Potter @ Early Learning Village

Every person understands well and feels connected when any concept is told in a story manner. Stories and its characters always hold a special place in our life as we mostly relive the characters. Stories become more exceptional when narration is excellent and who can be better than teachers. Teachers are the role models for most of us, and they hold a great responsibility on their shoulders; as their each word and action is registered in mind and heart of every child. 

Our mentors endless compassion and belief keep us always ahead in every walk of life. They mold our mind to perform and evolve. I still remember most of the stories that are close to my heart when I read when I was in teens. One such story that recently touched billions hearts across world is story of harry Potter. J.K.Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series became a household name as every kid and even elder had one of such books in their bookshelf.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rules (Haiku)

Nature across all boundaries is same only rules of that boundary changes the way one looks at nature. That is the power of rules;it can either make ocean look blue or it can just act as a reflection of sky. The rules are not made to bind someone,they give us the proper path to grow and evolve. Let's celebrate the power of rules today and feel proud of our constitution that helped us mold our future and gave us wings to sail in a right direction.

Walks with us along
Indispensable ethics
Strengthen foundation

Gels with perfection
Not made to bind or restrict
Plunge into the rule pool

Happy Republic Day


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Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Beginning New You

A fortnight of New Year is passed and resolutions or to do list of year is still on. New-year eve is special in many ways as it gives us many new ways and opportunities to dump the burden of past and carry goodness of experience.

Freshness in the new year has a magical spark, where each one of us tries new things on different fronts, it’s a different point whether you complete such tasks or not but starting a task and thought behind is more vital; to which Plato beautifully quoted “The beginning is the most important part of the work”. So don’t hesitate to start a new chore, just a little encouragement is required and if you are looking at ways to keep going with your resolutions then read our post “Survival of resolutions”.
aura of thoughts - New Year New Mantra