Friday, 12 August 2016

You Inked Me

Little hands she held strong

Composed calm with care along
Soothe doleful eyes which were little afraid
Searched everywhere for a friendly face 
Away from home for the very first time
You inked in me faith with a smile      


Soon she sang a sweet song
Made funny faces as I stood along
Feathery hands wiped my dripping tears
Made every effort to make me cheer
Away from home for the very first time
You inked in me cheerful chime

The beatific face made me learn           
Values rich and wise patterns
My quizzical expressions well answered by you
Made to understand with easy clues
Away from home for the very first time

You inked in me lessons for a steady mile

Source -Writers Ezine

You taught me to share my things
How to take care for every little thing
You helped me to standout in crowd
Correcting my faults and cheering loud
Away from home for the very first time

You inked in me confidence to walk with pride

My kindergarten teacher I cannot forget
Deep down I want her to imitate

Every single day I pray for you
You were there always as a motherly hue
My little world was filled with pride
When You inked my future bright.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Learning Curve

Life takes us on a ride that may not be swift often. Every turn we take putforths lot of surprises and challenges. Coping up with these ups and downs redefines and shape us. As a writer I started my journey with slow and steady steps. My path often had many distractions making the ride bumpy and slippery. The zeal of learning new things sustained the spark of writing alive and resisted me to tumble. At last my determination made me victorious. I believe my strength lies in constant learning lessons and experiences I keep gaining in this beautiful journey as a writer. The more we learn the more our strengths multiply...


Leisurely I step
Paved long path with minor steps
Oily feet slither
Nebulous yet consistent

My determination wins

This is Haibun(Prose + Tanka) linked with Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie & Indispire Edition #129 - #Choice 


Saturday, 6 August 2016

रियो में भारत की धाक

रियो ने किया ओलंपिक का आगाज

बनाने खेलों के सरताज ,

चलो चलें जलवा दिखाने 
खेल के अद्भुत मैदान में । 

सीखने सिखाने की बारी आई
कुछ कर जाने की लौ जलाई ,
बरसों की मेहनत अब हैं छलकानी 
दृढ़ता से हर बाजी हैं खेलनी । 

डटकर खड़े है सारे खिलाड़ी खास
भारत की आज जमानी है धाक ,
आओ लहरा दे तिरंगा गर्व से
कठिन परिश्रम के सुन्हेंरे रंग से । 

करोड़ों दुआएँ होगी तुम सब के साथ
बस मन मे रखना संपुर्ण विश्वास ,
प्रदेश के हीरो अब स्वदेश मे हुनर दिखाएँगे
तिरंगे को ऊँचे स्तर पर अवश्य लहराएंगे । 


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Colgate Magical Stories

Imagination and bundles of energy is synonymous to every child. Their world comprises of dreams in tiny eyes with utter simplicity and lots of love. Well a lot of changes take place as we grow up but one thing that has come along with us unaltered is Colgate. It is alive in every house from generations and that's why it understands well.

Aura of thoughts story telling
Characters in Sea & Informative flash cards

To tickle the creative corner of a child it has come up with packs printed with character of under water. The brightly colored printed characters can be cutout easily to weave a magical imaginative story. Story telling is a very creative concept through which a child learns many values. Our great saints used to narrate many stories to their shishya (students) to impart them many different life values, which helped them excel in all walks of life. Colgate recreates narration essence through its magical stories pack.

My kids too love listening to stories. But this time it was their chance. They wove a beautiful story which I would like to share, and don’t be surprised if story begins with words “Once up on a time…” J

Saturday, 23 July 2016

3 Reasons to Pay Taxes for Self

 In last post we discussed about paying taxes and how nation will be benefitted by it. In this post let’s focus on reasons you, as individual will be benefitted. Well this time too I have 3 main reasons to pay taxes and feel happy about it.

Quick Bank Loans: If you pay your taxes on time and have a good credit score then your loans related to home or car or personal needs will be approved in matter of a wink, else you need to make empty rounds to bank, just to make them believe that you are genuine person and you are not defaulter of nation, who would run away with their money.
So Pay taxes and go ahead in your life with your dreams be it luxury car or well furnished apartment.

Easy Visa Approvals: After long years your destination is calling you, and you rush to visa office for clearance to fly and in midst of your dreams, visa officer asks you about your IT returns and you come to reality and curse the moments you didn’t pay taxes. Well if you need a smooth process of visa approval, keep all your IT return papers also intact, then fly to your destination in real not in thoughts.

Peaceful Sleep: Last but not least, peaceful sleep is for what each one of us our working hard. Paying taxes pinches each one for a time but I surely can assure one can have a peaceful time after that. You can be proud of yourself that you have done a good deed. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

3 Reasons to Pay Taxes for Nation

Every end of quarter, one sees advertisements in electronic and print media regarding motivation for people to pay taxes. Besides after so many reminders there is a huge list of defaulters with bizarre reasons. Actually by paying taxes to the respective government we as a citizen of a country share responsibility on our shoulders too. Don’t believe in this then read 3 most important reasons why we pay our taxes to government.

auraofthoughts - pay taxes
Pay Taxes & contribute towards building Nation