Monday, 26 June 2017

Book Review: The 23rd Girl

The book “The 23rd Girl” is a debut book of Rohan Kachalia & Divya Ratan is about the journey of Rashv and his love life and his belief in numerology.

Book Cover: Book base girl blue makes it refreshing in the shelf and two dies showing numbers two and three make the title more impactful to the readers. Title of the book clearly states the importance of numbers in the story.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Book cover: The cover page gives an idea about the story that it revolves around two individuals. It's simple yet elegant.

The story revolves around two individuals Meer and Meera ; each having a strikingly different way of thinking and taking life ahead. Meer believes in open relationship and doesn't want to be bound by anything where as Meera is an emotional person  and thinks the other way round. Their love life takes many twists and turns but both choose the path which they believe in.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Peek-a-boo for nutrients: Hidden Hunger

Winning in every game gives immense happiness to us, so why not we win in a game for our good health.  Micro nutrients are an essential part of our healthy lifestyle but they keep playing hide and seek with us.  With hectic schedule of urban culture, most of the kids are at a loss for a perfect healthy life. So let’s win in this game by pondering on these below factors.

Hidden Hunger: The Perils of Micronutrient Deficiency Among Urban Kids

Hidden hunger, also known as micronutrient deficiencies, afflicts more than 2 billion individuals, or one in three people, globally. Hidden hunger is a form of under-nutrition that occurs when intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals (such as zinc, iodine, and iron) are too low to sustain good health and development. While undernourishment is clinically evident in impoverished children living in rural areas, malnutrition is the “hidden hunger” in an urban setting. We may think that infants are eating healthy but they may not be consuming the required amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, which may be the primary reason for their nutritional deficiencies. According to National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau of India, over 50% of apparently healthy-looking children have sub clinical and biochemical deficiencies of micro-nutrients (like Vit A, B2, B12, vit C, iron, trace minerals like iodine, zinc, etc). Increasing dietary diversity by providing foods with adequate amounts of micro-nutrients is one of the most effective ways to prevent hidden hunger.

Shrouded symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies at an early stage

The percent ideal body weight index does not seem to be an adequate measure of nutritional status in children. In some cases, malnutrition is very mild and does not present any symptoms. Moreover, malnutrition can develop over a long period of time, so the symptoms may not seem obvious in the beginning. Early detection of deficits in nutritional status may result in the adverse effects of malnutrition on height and weight, and possibly clinical status, being prevented.

Infants fed on daily diet lacking enough micro nutrients do not meet the requirements for overall physical and mental growth, say doctors

In India, mothers generally focus on the physical growth of a child and not overall brain development and immunity levels. Diet normally followed in Indian households are rich in macro-nutrient supporting only physical growth but lack in micro nutrients essential for overall mental and brain development.  This translates to the fact that the child with normal height and weight may be suffering from a nutritional deficiency, which parents are not aware of. Gaps in daily nutrition with unsatisfactory nutritional quality result in nutrient deficiencies to set in at an early age.

Adequate nutrition planning by parents in early years is essential to complement child development

Micro-nutrients are a group of nutrients which are required in trace amounts for normal growth and development. Micro-nutrient deficiency is often referred to as “Hidden Hunger” because it develops gradually over time, their devastating impact not seen until it leaves behind irreversible damage. Millions of children suffer from stunted growth, cognitive delays, weakened immunity and infections because of micronutrient deficiencies. Primary food, therefore, must be nutrition dense as the need for nutrients are not fulfilled by mother’s milk after 6 months, making Infants susceptible to nutritional deficiency.

Eating patterns built during childhood serve as a foundation for life. More than 1/3rd of child deaths occurring annually, around the world, are attributed to malnutrition, specifically under-nutrition, which weakens the body's resistance to illness. If a child is malnourished during the first 1000 days of life, the child's physical and mental growth and development is slowed. This cannot be corrected when the child is older – it affects the child for the rest of his or her life. Fulfilling the micronutrient requirements of infants should be addressed on a priority basis, with parents and caretakers sitting up to the fact that a healthy and nutritious diet for infant is a requisite, not occasionally, but daily.

With micronutrients producing significant public health benefits, nutrition plays a vital role in the holistic development of a child. Moreover, good nutrition signifies a food which is a powerhouse of micronutrients.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Our first eBook : Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet

First things are always special and so is our first eBook. We are glad to share with you all that we have come up with our first eBook titled "Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet".  

A book is a reflection of thoughts and yes it feels immense pleasure to launch our first book.

In this book you will witness instances that strikes chord with you and a direct string that transports a message. We hope to bring a positive attitude in everyone by learning perspective from hardship too.

Many times a relationship faces challenges that need to be approached with calmer attitude to overcome them. Short, crisp, clear and touching stories, poems and posts will surely show your perspective a new route. As you flip though the pages you will find how relationships can flourish with a simple approach. So let’s get started to taste the sweetness of tangled relationships.

Our eBook
Our eBook is available at Amazon, click here to download and we are all ears for your reviews and suggestions.

Meenal Sonal

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Nutritious Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the caring, loving Mothers.

On this mother’s day, let’s us emphasis on the love the mother showers on her child in form of food she serves. A mother from day one of her motherhood takes an extra effort to ensure that her baby is receiving healthy food. And healthy food terminology changes with each mother as sometimes in utmost love mothers overlook the minute details of meal served. In India, mothers generally focus on the physical growth of a child and not the overall brain development and immunity levels. The diet normally followed in Indian households is rich in macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, supporting only physical growth but lack in micro nutrients, which is necessary for overall mental and brain development.

Gaps in daily nutrition with nutritional quality lead to nutrient deficiencies to set in at an early age. Hence, you may not be aware of your child’s nutritional deficiency even if he/she looks physically fit. Micro nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals play an important role in building a baby's immunity against major infections. The consequences of micronutrient deficiency among infants are far reaching and include greater morbidity due to diarrheal and viral infections, measles, reduced vaccine responses, impaired growth, and development. Doctors in India say that there is a huge gap in the knowledge about the role of micronutrients in building immunity.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Reflections : #AtoZChallenge

The month that has maximum number of posts on our blog was April 2017, and reason is clear AtoZChallenge. Yes 26 posts in a month, what a taxing days. We decide to participate in this challenge in March but were quite confused with the theme. Only in march last week we came up with a theme ‘Relationship’ and then scheduled 3 posts, rest of the posts was spontaneous with the letters.

We didn’t stick to poetry, short stories or a post, as it would be more constraint to us. So wrote in every form to express various views on relationship theme. The post which was acknowledged by fellow bloggers is Quest for Connectivity and most viewed is Justifications.

It was crazy month which we loved to fullest as we connected with some excellent writers through this challenge. It’s always good to read others perspective on that particular letter.
One needs motivation for such challenge to be completed, and Blogchatter played a great role for us. Each day was supportive by them and to participate in the ebook carnival at the end hosted by them made us more consistent with our posts. Soon we are publishing are ebook named “Tangled Relationships yet Sweet", details shall be shared shortly.
We are so happy to flaunt our AtoZChallenge survivor badge. Read our all posts here

We earned it!

Now it’s time to share our learning’s from AtoZChallenge in reflections post
  • Schedule your posts for at least a week to get a breather in between.
  • Publish post early in a day and rest of the day can be used to commenting, promoting and connecting on social platforms
  • Stick to theme for better results or else you may end up writing on subjects which are not close to your heart.
  • Read random blogs and connect more rather than reading a single blog each day, though you can stick to your favorite reading list :)