Friday, 16 February 2018

Spirits Revamped

I can’t stay in anymore, I need to walk and walk miles, Ana got up from her chair and hurriedly moved towards the door.

Raima pulled her back with assurance that tomorrow will be the right day for her.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Valentines Day Mantra

Valentines Day brings many set of emotions, memories of past and plans for future. Those who have found their soul mates will celebrate the day in togetherness and pampering each other’s wish. And those who are about mark this day with new turn to their life, here is the mantra that will help you to conclude the day on positive note no matter if the answer is yes or no.

Valentines Day symbols the day to express the feelings, so there is no reason that one should not express their feelings towards the person they think it’s their right partner.
“LET IT GO.” Yes let your emotions be expressed in most humble manner to the person and say him/her the magical words you were rehearsing all these days.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Shine Without Limits

They say, “At this age now I have no paths to choose”.
Do people really believe now there is a dead end for my dreams?

Shutting all the exterior noises “Nyma eyes fixed to the waves and its unique synchronization with sound”.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Blue Moon - Haibun

The celestial activity is a continuous process, which occurs frequently but few alignments of heavenly bodies makes it really divine. Likewise its ones own way of act in particular situations that make the person shine like blue moon.

Rarest picturesque

Charming divine alignment

Empowers vision

Haibun is a combination of Haiku/Tanka with a prose. Want to know more about Haiku, read here.
Sharing this post with Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille 

Do you believe in special powers of Blue Moon or any special connection with it? Share with us your views in comments below.


Thursday, 25 January 2018

New Twist to Old Luggage

New Year brings along it’s own set of novelty in the air be it hope, perspectives or mood; everything turns new and adds its charm of newness to itself.

Freshness in year beginning is so great that it motivates us to go ahead with our plans for the entire 12 months coming ahead. And so we too have planned a few novel ideas to bring out the best in our writing for our keen readers.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

अल्पविराम् में उम्मीद - Pause to begin with Hope

With the year running at its pace but for us it was an eventful one. We had a ebook published in Blogchatter carnival and later on Amazon. Completed many blogging challenges successfully be it A to Z Challengein April or Write Tribe Pro Blogging challenge in October or be it our first hosted contest with the theme AuraOfpositivity in BlogchatterProjects.

We also completed Proficiency certification of Blogging with WeBlog Acacdemy with support of Indiblogger.

Nominations to various categories in different platforms of blogging took us to a high.

Celebrating 4 years of blogging successfully and eyeing to more prosperous years ahead we both Meenal and Sonal take a bow to thank all the readers and the Blogging community for all your support and encouragement.

While we take a little pause to gear up for upcoming year with scope of events in writing and learning; we leave you with a hindi poetry on hope.

May the upcoming year be filled with loads of hope and prosperity for all. We are taking a holiday break and would be back in mid Jan with more positive posts. 

Enjoy this Hindi poetry which is full of hope

रुको तो एसे कि आगे फिर बढ़ना हो,
ऐसे नहीं की ठहर कर जाने दो।

रुको तो एसे कि नई उम्मीद साथ हो,
ऐसे नहीं कि सहारा छोड़ अकेले चलो।

रुको तो एसे कि वापसी का मजा आए,
ऐसे नहीं कि थमने मे डगर गुम जाए।

रुको तो एसे कि गलतियों से सीखो,
ऐसे नहीं कि पछतावे मे ही डूब जाओ।

रुको तो एसे कि बीता समय कुछ सिखा जाए,
ऐसे नहीं कि समय का पहिया तुम्हें घुमा जाए।

अल्पविराम् का जीवन मे खास है महत्व,
अगर समझो तो सवर जाए अस्तित्व ।

Meenal Sonal

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Winners #Contest4 - #AuraOfPositivity

The last contest of a word prompt ‘Tear” saw many entries with variation from emotion to prosperity perspective. 
AuraOfThoughts - MeenalSonal

The best entry that was filled with ‘TEAR” with positivity  is of Geethica Mehra; and here is what she said " Tear the paper that has negative thoughts written on it." Isn't it we all want in our lives too.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Contest #4 - #AuraOfPositivity

Words are magical and so their way of assembling to form a sentence makes it all the more magical too. This time we have come up with the word prompt 'TEAR'.  Put this word the way you like to form a simple sentence or a thought and let us know how you frame it.

Just leave your answers in the comments section below on this blog post to stand a chance to win goodies from us.  Maybe we can turn secret Santa. Bloggers leave your blog link too in the comments.

This time we have no set of rules, yes it's a NO RULE contest where you can let your heart out to answer. 

You can send us more than one answer as multiple entries are allowed.

Send in your replies by 24th Dec 11 pm

This is the fourth and the final contest of #AuraOfPositivity. 

With more n more cheers on your way

Winner #Contest3 - #AuraOfPositivity

This contest had a wonderful response but the one which stands the best is by Dr. Anita Sabat .

The quote prompt “Everyone wants to fly high but are grounded by gravity", had a beautiful positivity filled response by Anita saying 'Grounded by responsibility? Or the past & wallowing in self-pity? Or over-burdened with excuses? Or feeling like a pawn in a game of Chess? Time to fly! Come on, defy gravity! Discover & recognize the #AuraOfPositivity. The sky is large for you & me! We'll collect stars.

We are happy to share with you all that Anita is declared 'Queen of Positivity' in this contest.

Look for our last contest coming up soon.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Contest3 - Twitter Contest - #AuraOfPositivity

"Everyone wants to fly high but are grounded by gravity"

What this quote mean to you? Share with us to win personalised and digitals gifts from us.

As this is a Twitter Contest , here are simple rules for same.

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Contest ends on 20th December '17 11pm .

Put on your positivity cap to share with us your views.