Tuesday 25 January 2022

The 5 Best Books Read for 2021

Reading has been an integral part of our life and the year 2021 has been a great year in terms of reading for us. We have successfully completed the reading challenge where we had set a reading target of 52; apart from that, we have also read around 20 short ebooks. If you are one who wants to ace the reading, then the post “How to ace in reading” will help you to do so.

In this blog post, we are sharing a few of the books that were the best read for us in 2021. 

1. Club you to Death by Anuja Chauhan

The story of 'Club you to Death' begins with Brig. The Dogra family visit the club and the next day the gym trainer Leo is found dead, the Crime Branch chief ACP Bhavani has been called to solve the case in a few weeks as this is a high-profile club and many fingers are being pointed to renowned persons. When the investigation begins ACP finds many loopholes in the club and also comes to know the past of the people who they are trying to silently shun under the carpet. All the interconnections of the people lead to many investigations that help the ACP to unravel the mystery in the end.

Each character is unique in the story and the characterization is done superbly that once you build an image of General Mehra, Akash Dogra, or Bambi Todi, they are imprinted till the end.

ACP Bhavani has a peculiar accent and traits to convince people and that is depicted well, chapter after chapter. The characters Ganga, junior inspector Pawan, Shalini also grab the attention of the reader, and the way they support the story is appreciated. One character that I will not forget in near future is Akash Dogra, aka Kashi who is the hands-on person to each character and who has most of the dilemmas in life. 

Author Anuja Chauhan has marvelously narrated the story with multiple characters. The way the spelling is twisted according to the accent of the character makes you say the dialogues aloud and live the story. Delhi club culture and the politics that go behind the position of the President post are also presented in a superb way. When you try to run away from your past shows up. This theme has been the core of the story and each character is associated with this theme and threads are woven into a plot that makes you remind. 

2. The Winning Attitude by Jeff Keller

The attitude of a person contributes a major share in the way life is led. Coach and Motivational speaker Jeff Keller have written the book in a positive tonality and shares examples of varied situation of life in a simpler manner. The book is a self-help book which is one of my favorite genres as we believe that there is always a scope of improvement in every person. 

A winning attitude makes the difference in life and can change the scenario 360 degrees, the author has explained it through ample examples in each chapter

In this book, you will read 54 principles that are stated as golden as it can change your life and approach towards life. “Attitude is everything” is the mantra this book focuses on and one can lead a happy balanced life following the principles presented in the book. One chapter that struck the chord is “The Tiny Dot”, where the author explains how on a plain white sheet our focus shifts to the one tiny black dot, that is compared to the flaws of a person. We all can learn ways for the betterment of life. This book can be read again and again over years as learnings and perspectives of life change.


3. Powerful by Nirupama Subramanian

The book is powerful as the title says and stays with the reader for a longer period of time. It is one of the books whose part remains in you forever. The book is nonfiction genre and a slow-paced reading helps us to grasp the book's details and scenarios to the core. 

Author Nirupama Subramanian has shared 6 sources of power – kanya, apasara, veera, rani, maa, and rishika. She explains rules in chapters with examples of celebrities and also explains the association with power.

After reading this book each one can recognize the potential hidden within them. The honest approach of the author towards this book makes it special in the year 2021.


4. Anxiety by Sonali Gupta

We all wish to know the reason for the stress and anxiety but many times we fail to see the minute detail or completely miss the factor like an elephant in the room. Author Sonali Gupta has captured the nerves of the people and explained the reasons behind the stress and various conditions that prevail due to today's fast-paced lifestyle and the race to show the social presence. 

The author has explained the trigger points of anxiety through various case studies to better understand the concept. The book is easy to read and the examples are very much relatable as it covers the background of relationships, workplace, and social media platforms. Though the author has showcased various ways to tackle anxiety, according to her one cannot completely avoid anxiety but definitely can learn to manage it. It is a must-book for all to read and understand life in a better way.

5. Shameless by Taslima Nasreen

This book is written by Taslima Nasreen and translated by Arunava Sinha. The book begins with the notes from the previous novel Lajja by the author. I have not read the book but after reading Shameless I need to read it to understand the complexities of the subject of the novel. The book is narrated by the author in the first person that gives edge to the book that focuses on the difficulties of a person. In the book Taslima meets Suranjan the protagonist from the novel Lajja and the story unfolds further with rides on emotions and reflections of the author, The situations of a person who has been exiled from nation Bangladesh and meeting the characters from novel face to face in India.


The book runs high on emotions and sometimes as a reader we take time to consume so much information. It was a little difficult to read but I concluded the book to know what happens to the characters. If you would like to know about the emotions and nostalgia moments of author Taslima then reading this book will help you.


These are some of the books we have read in 2021 and you can check more book reviews from the category “Book Reviews”. We also share short and crisp book reviews on Instagram.

Reading books from different genres has been our decision as each one tingles your different nerves of the brain. 

What are your views on reading books and learning from them?


  1. 'Club you to Death' seems like an intriguing and interesting plot. I liked the review and definitely will try to get my hands on this book.

  2. Shameless seems like such a nice book, thanks for sharing

  3. Each if the books is from a unique genre. I haven't read books from taslima, but your review makes me check that book.

  4. The type of books I am reading these days, I would like to read Winning and Powerful. For my next book summary, If I get these two options then I am going to queue them. And then Club you to death.

  5. Wow your list is super awesome. all the books are amazing. I liked the winning attitude by Jeff keller most. would love to give this s try. thanks a lot for sharing these amazing book recommendations.

  6. Now this is a fab list for people like me who wants to start reading again. The Winning Attitude by Jeff Keller seems like a great book to start. Thanks for the recommendation

  7. Interesting compilation of books that can be picked up for reading. Club you to Death by Anuja Chauhan looks the first one to pick from this list as I like detective, crime thrillers.

  8. Nice list of books to read. They all have different ,unique genre. I am curious to read club you to death,shameless and powerful.

  9. Wow great stuff. Would like to read the first one Club You to death. This genre seems more to my liking.

  10. Nice books....and really interesting 👍. This is really fantastic list. Thanks for sharing. Anxiety is the first one I will select.

  11. It's quite interesting to know that you have picked books from different genres to read. For me, it's really difficult to finish a book which is not from my favorite genre. I find the storyline of Club you to death quite gripping, would love to check it out. Also, loved the cover of the book Powerful.

  12. Thanks for sharing top 5 list , Going to pick up the winning attitude for a quick reading next weekend and will share the feedback soon.

  13. Looks like, I hit a jackpot with this post. Haven't read any of these and now, my this months reads are sorted with these recommendations.

  14. I love reading books. Such books really helps to understand the life , club of death by anuja chahuan looks best to pick books ,

  15. Totally nice list of books to read. I totally love such books , especially related to death and life and its amazing to see ur review too on such books

  16. I've read only club you to death from this list. The other plots seem interesting I think I might pick them for my reading list this year. Thanks for sharing

    - sindhu

  17. Shameless by Taslima Nasreen is one of my fav books! What a lovely list. Very well curated.

  18. Club you to death has my vote. But I am yet to read Tasleema One. Will get this today


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