Tuesday, 22 October 2019

4 Festive Mantras for Glowing Diwali

Everyone in the house is busy with their to-do lists in festive season, be it shopping, cleaning, rearranging and decorating house and many more tasks to be completed with the biggest festival of the year, Diwali. For me festivals are the time to enjoy the togetherness and be with family & friends who make you sparkle from within too.

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But many times people become so busy with the preparations that they forget to enjoy the festival proceedings and concentrate more on the tasks being performed on time. In this post I share with you all 4 festive Diwali mantras that can help you enjoy Diwali with an ample time spared to you to relish the essence of Diwali.

1.   Schedule Your Tasks:  We all are aware of the famous quote that says ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Tasks cannot be completed in a single day. So plan your jobs around Diwali way ahead when you are free and when service providers are also free and quite reasonable. Use your planner and schedule all your Diwali mails and responsibilities 2-3 weeks before while giving ample time for each activity.
2.   Delegate the tasks: ‘Not being perfectionist at last moment’ – this shall be your mantra when you delegate the tasks. Minimal things don’t matter much, such as if you want a pattern of Green and Red lights in your front yard, just instruct the same to Electrician or concerned person and do your own job. Standing there and instructing each row of light in a particular manner may take toll on you and your day activities.  So delegate, instruct and move on.
3.   Diwali Online Gifts: Gifts and their reaching on time for all family and friends can be cumbersome tasks in metros. While many live distances apart, online shopping for Diwali gifts can come to your rescue. Visiting each one of them could be hard in a span of 2-3 weekends, so get help from service providers that offer gifts of your choice with a personal message attached to it.
4.   Involve Kids: Kids are more creative these days, few responsibilities can be assigned to them and see the magic happen. Be it rangoli or the sequence in which Diyas would be decorated, kids do it with their own style. Don’t correct them, let their creativity flow and understand their thought behind each activity. Indulging in such activities kids feel the real essence of Diwali and festivals bring out best in them too. Appreciate their work and encourage them for similar activities in future.

I hope these festive mantras will help you finish your responsibilities in time and give you ample time to spend with family and friends. Needless to say keep your gadgets away during festivals and capture the moment in your heart with a smile. If you are looking for true glow this Diwali, then reading this poetic lines here, they will move you with the beautiful Diwali message.

We, Meenal & Sonal wish each one of you “Happy & Prosperous Diwali, may you all find the glow inside out”.

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