Sunday, 25 March 2018

#CuttingPaani Pasting Happiness

Today is 'World Water Day, Save Water' but why? Was expression of my daughter who read the one of the headlines of newspaper while picking it up few days ago.

Yes we need to save water, was my straight cut line packing her snack boxes for school.

But ‘Our Earth’ chapter of General Sciences says earth is covered by 70% of water and 30% land, then why save water Mamma, which is in abundance. I explained the importance of water and its preservation and shortage in short to her, as she had to board her school bus.

To my surprise she watered the indoor plant with the water left in her bottle when she was back from school. This made me sure that children takes the lesson very quickly and do their bit.

Yes, a bit I say.

To save water
Each drop is counted
Each day is estimated
Each effort is calculated

To save water
Each minute in shower
Each glass of water
 Every tiny bit is totaled

You do yours
I do mine
Lets together
Save prized water

As adults we do many things to save water, and involving the youth and children for the same will surely guarantee of passing on the responsibility in safe hands.

LivPure started a campaign called #CuttingPaani to spread the awareness of saving water, which is of course need of an hour. This campaign says to cut the wastage of water and utilize the remaining with utmost care. Then use the remaining water in various other chores.


I will share my way of #CuttingPaani, and you share yours in comments below.

Cut the Main Source:

Yes cut the main source of Water to half, this will do wonders.
Thinking how, say lets slow down each tap from the bottom nozzle so that you don’t have full pressure water. This saves the water to a large extent.

You wash hands or take shower for same time but with less water.


This strategy works very well in the family. Get the colored water bottles and then assign each color to a member of the house and drink from that specified bottle, if you are habituated from drinking from bottles directly. If, you’re a glass person then follow the next one.

Label Glasses:

Yes you got me right; label your glasses with alphabets or with particular color for each glass designated to each member of the family

These ideas help us to save water efficiently on daily basis, but in get-togethers and parties, here are some quick tips to save water.

Dance on water markings

Place a colourful marked bowl next to water section and encourage guests to drop the leftover water in it.  After each mark is crossed play guests favourite song.

Doing a task in fun way always releases pressure and adds a magical element to it. So these were the methods by which you can prevent wastage of water in every house.

Moving on next level, these actions need to be taken for ensuring the water conservation in societies. 

Leaky Pipes equals to charity

Yes every house need to be inspected by the society committee and if any leakage is found that house needs to charity. This way the punishment is also turns into reward and house owners will fix the taps.

Become Sherlock for Rain water

Many societies boast of Rainwater harvesting feature on papers, but you need to know does your society does it or it really has one. Become an investigator forming a group, I am sure you are going to have loads of fun.

Cutting chai jaise lajaawaab
#CuttingPaani ki bhi hai apni khaas baat
#CuttingPaani se karo paani ki bachat
Phir dekho khilkhilati duniya har taraf

Yes happiness will flourish when we will succeed in saving sufficient water for us in present and future. This initiative of Livpure should be inculcated in our routine and to be followed religiously in life to see the tremendous positive results.

I have signed the petition to save water, you can also join in this movement by signing one for you. Click here to sign the petition.



  1. In the United States there is so much water wasted on watering lawn grass - lawn grass! Or 20 minute showers, or so much other wasteful habits. Some of our cities are starting to turn to recycling waste water - but that is not enough.

    1. This is the scenario world wide....its time to act now to save this precious resource.

  2. Water wastage is a burning issue, especially in the cities where we have showers and bathtubs and riveways and ofcourse the green lawns. Its the nedd of the hour to save water but alas we are all living with our head in the sand and will think about it only when the crisis reaches our doorstep!

    1. That's very true Shalini we only act when its too late.

  3. You have shared nice tips. Great when kids and adults become responsible and take care.
    We must take care of this precious resource.

    1. Let's start with small things then slowly the things will change.


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