Monday, 13 February 2017

My Tree Story !!!

A little bush near a pond,
swayed by the gushing wind, was everyone's charm.

Had lots of friend bushes beside,
singing the freshness song alike.

Time just quickly passed by,
all the bushy friends rose high and high.

But the little one was left with asymmetrical growth,
mamma tree's worry soared, reason behind remained unexplored.

My Tree Story !!!

Oh birdie! you can only solve,
tell me how do I resolve.

Oh huge majesty! you forgot the bare essential part,
to let some space for your tiny tot.

Just beneath your shadowy sheen,
you tend to overlook what it need.

Mamma soon realized the crave for space,
promptly decided on further stake.

My love will not hinder my little one anymore,
and shredded her branch above it to let in light more n more.

This above tree story can be anyone's part of life. We love our
dear ones but we forget the basic requirement....their own space...yes it's true, sometimes unconsciously we tend to hinder their learning chart. Its like leaving some pages blank in a book of life to let them create their own growth chart. Letting some room will not trim down our love, instead it grows into a great bonding. We are at times blindfolded by our love and unknowingly forget to let loose to help them evolve.

With this note I wish that our love becomes someone's strength !!!

 Happy Valentines Day !!!



  1. But the little one was left
    with asymmetrical growth
    mamma tree's worry soared

    Not all the children progress at the same rate. When one is left behind the mother is naturally affected. Very true Meenal!


  2. Yes Hank, that is the nature of mother, caring and affectionate; but anything in abundance is not right for nature

  3. A very wise and apt message for the day. Just like the tree learnt, one must learn the appropriate care display.

    A very beautiful poem.. :-)
    (its PH)

    1. Thanks for kind words Prakash. Yes this learning on a love will surely take a person one level up.


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