Friday 17 February 2017

Go Germ-free with Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

GERMS GERMS! Everywhere, yes they do exists in millions or rather trillions in number. They almost cover each and every hook and corner our surroundings. Coming in contact with the infections is totally unavoidable but a few precautions can be very helpful. Frequent hand-wash can surely curb most of the germs, but this task looks tiresome to kids and sometimes breaks their flow of activities. To overcome this hurdle Godrej has come up with Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer, it is a great thought of lending a hand towards making the people healthy and thus happy. 

Sanitizer that too pocket size is a boon for both parents and kids, as it can surely fit in those tiny little pockets of heroes and find a place in a cute miniature purses of princess. Without leaving their busy playing activity kids can make germ free environment by using this sanitizer.

Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer is not just another in a pool of products in the market but its qualities make it completely different and ranks it above all. One more great thing is Godrej’s naturally driven hand sanitizer provides germs protection for 8 long hours. And moreover this is alcohol free hand sanitizer which does not dries up your palms which makes it kids safe hand sanitizer too.

This isn’t an ordinary sanitizer, but the best hand sanitizer brands in India, which can be taken everywhere, anywhere to kick out 99.9% germs. And infections surely take a back foot for longer time as this single hand sanitizer spray can be used 200 times. One can even place an order for hand sanitizer online.

Aura Of Thoughts - Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

Healthy living is joyful living and this is only possible by our efforts to clean our environment. A step forward is a step towards progress. It is our responsibility to prepare a healthy space to our next generation.

“Give a clean environment for cleaner and brighter minds to grow”


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