Sunday, 4 September 2016

Launch G3 Mission

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One day to go and I wish you all launch G3 mission in your homes. Wondering what it is, tomorrow is Ganesha Chaturti and most of the Hindu families and followers of Lord Ganesha welcome him home by placing an idol and worshiping him. Many have social gatherings of Ganesha Chaturti festival with much enthusiasm and galore. Idols are beautifully carved by craftsmen from various materials and are available in many sizes too.

After 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 or 11 days Ganesh nimarjan is celebrated where idols are submerged in nearby pond/river water.  This act performed brings imbalance to environment as idols are prepared with insoluble and non-environment friendly materials such as plaster of paris, ropes, paints, thermocol.

Ganesha who is popularly known as Vighana harta, which means obstacle remover; his celebrations lead to imbalance in environment. Surely God wants all celebrations to be completed in perfect way, so why people make this occasion as one of the reason for imbalance to water and environment.
So lets not create a disproportion and launch G3 mission at home and nearby societies by pledging to celebrate festival with GO GREEN GANESHA anthem.
aura of thoughts- GoGreen Ganesha
Go Green this Ganesh Chaturti

Buy idols that are soluble in water and eco friendly or one can prepare Ganesha idols at home with clay, mud or molding sand. My friend shared a Ganesha made by her son.

aura of thoughts - Green Ganesha by Kid
Isn’t it colorful and cute Ganesha idol? Encourage your children to do similar project and rejoice the true meaning of festival that is happiness.

Our prime minister also requested the same in his monthly chat “Mann ki Baat” with people of nation for going green during this festive season. There are many artists, who make beautiful idols with natural material.  

Folks, let’s all join hands and welcome Ganesha in more cleaner and greener environment and pray that all the obstacles in life fade away by walking on right  greener path.

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  1. One of the best post of the contest! And yes my twin sister's are meenal-sonal so I'm surprised to see the same combo here what a coincidence!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Kunjal.
      Nice to know we share same as your sisters :))


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