Saturday 15 August 2015

गर्व की परिभाषा : Poetry on Independence Day

Today on Independence Day, this hindi poetry raises an awareness on the duties a citizen can contribute to the welfare on nation.

आजादी का उत्सव है गर्व की परिभाषा ,
हर पलकों में छलके खुशियों भरी आशा । 

तिरंगे को आज नमन कर मैं भारतवासी ,
भूल गया हर वजह जो फैलाएं उदासी । 

जिस तिरंगे को देख मैं इठलाता हूँ ,
क्या वो भी मुझे देख सुखद लहराता हैं । 

Independence day poem - AuraOfThoughts

इस प्रशन ने आज मुझे सतम्बित किया ,
गहरी सोच में डूबने पे विवष किया । 

क्या मेरी सफलताएँ बनी देश की भागी ,
या मैं अपने में मग्न बन रह गया परछाई । 

आज मैं सोचु मैंने किया क्या ऐसा ,
जिससे देश का मैं बनु गौरवमान हिस्सा । 

अब भी हुई नहीं देर देश की सेवा में ,
कुछ अंश मैं भी जोड़ दूँ उसकी गरिमा में । 

बह चलना है उन्नति की लहर में ,
बन के जोश की लहर हर सहर में । 
- सोनल 

English Translation:

Celebration of independence is meaning of proudness,
each eye is moist with happiness and hope.

Today I Indian bow to tricolour,
I forget every reason that reminds me of sorrow's.

By seeing the tricolour I feel proud,
does it also feels the same while flying high.

This question has made me stunned,
I am in a deep thought.

Is my success part of nation's success,
or I was so preoccupied, that I am a just a mere shadow.

Today I think what I have done,
so that I am part of pride nation.

Now, also it's not late to serve the nation,
let me give my bit to dignified nation.

Flow with the success,
and give your best in each phase.


Sharing this post with Indispire#78 - Real Independence.


  1. Thank you Lovelorn and welcome to the aura of our blog :)

  2. such a beautiful penned poem, and the flow of thoughts was beautiful. keep up the good work.

  3. It's really important to learn the real definition of freedom and if we can contribute a little in the development of our country it's best..Lovely poem

  4. What a lovely poem this is! Happy Independence Day. So proud to be Indian!

  5. Another beautiful poem. Loved it.

  6. I am loving these poems, straight from heart. Beautifully written this is.

  7. What a lovely poem on Independence day.. I'm truly proud to be an Indian.. Great one..

  8. Belated Happy Independence Day!This poem filled with emotions.Jai Hind!

  9. The second verse touched my heart the most ❤ on this day people of every religion come together and stand as one ☺

  10. I feel people are increasingly forgetting the true essence of independence and freedom. The poem just made me realise its worth.

  11. That's such a lovely poem and so beautifully expressed. We must all do something for our country and make it proud.

  12. We all should stand together on every ground for our country. Loved the write up.


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