Friday 30 May 2014

Assumptions - Why n How

In previous post we have seen how assumptions can be misleading in relations, your single misjudgment on a particular scenario is like a throwing a stone in still water. That’s why it’s always said rely on facts and be certain in your thoughts, but

Why we end up assuming things?
Is it by nature or any circumstances that lead us to do so?
Why assumptions come in between many relations?
Are there any measures that can be taken to avoid assumptions?

In reality assumption is the activity of a human brain which we tend to do it unconsciously sometimes. If I say there are few common factors that guide us to make assumptions, and by conducting preventive measures one can avoid being presuming. So let’s list them out and look at each one in detail.

Living Style: There are certain rules or say certain things which are set in everyone’s life and if somebody does not act according to our taste or interest we assume them to be wrong. But this is not the truth every individual is unique with varied interests and actions. “Assuming the worst in a person hurts them, assuming the best in a person disappoints you, assuming nothing allows you both the ability to see the truth”

Friend Circle: People we hang out with also tend others to assume. “Before you assume learn the facts”

First Meeting: It is the primary factor for one to make assumptions of a person. Each time we meet someone we make a kind of belief and we assume them to be like that always. “Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness”

Past experiences: A previous example set in past cannot be forgotten easily and that examples becomes base for further assumptions.

Influential thoughts: The assumptions you make about someone should never be based on others perspective of life as each one has a different point of view.

Lack of communication: It is beautifully quoted “We are all afraid to speak up, so instead we assume, misunderstand and complicate everything.” The greatest beauty lies to be clear in your thoughts and speak up to clear the misunderstandings developed because of assumptions made .we complicate everything and then repent on what we have done.

We want others to slip in our shoes: Generally we assume the consequences of a situation keeping ourselves in that place and want others also act in similar manner. We set our mind only in one direction and make a lot of expectations. “Never Expect, Never Assume Never Ask, Never Demand; Just let it be. If it’s meant to be, It will happen.”

On a final note assumptions are often negative thoughts for others which paralyze our mind, making us selfish. One should speak up when any kind of doubt captures mind, because one bad thought is enough to cripple any good relationship. Stop assuming, be patient and dream big to achieve big. When we presume things we just see things from only one point of view whereas many factors in our real life effects things and sometimes prevent them from happening. So get going in life, stay happy and stop assuming:-) and if can’t stop assuming then “Assume that everyone is operating with good intention until they prove otherwise.”

@ Sonal

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