Thursday 3 April 2014

10 Ways to have Fun During Summer Holidays

Hurray!! The summer break is here again most parts of the world which is long awaited time for the kids. First few days are spent in relaxing mood, but soon that relaxing also feels tiresome; with long vacation ahead we elders need to plan in advance few activities for them as empty mind is house of evils. And “The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.” - William Shakespeare said it very correctly. 

The scorching sun makes it impossible to stay outdoors; it’s time to remain mostly in doors, enjoy yummy and slurp ice creams, fruit juices and play in splash pools. Such long holidays needs some planning to make it more enjoyable as well as molding the child to refine their creative skills which is otherwise not possible with studies. 

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We need to not only plan their activities in a fun manner but also keep in mind that they learn few factors from it. And to fulfill this objective we need to make child learn unconsciously without putting much pressure, as they are on holidays. Many parents with this thought in mind are puzzled and thinking what to do? You need not worry at all as you can plan such activities at home without much fuss. In sweltering sun, indoor activities are best to plan are here are few ways to learn and have fun during sun.

1. Collage Making: Different themes collage are fun to make, you can either choose funny characters, greenery, old days pictures.

2. Know your Heroes: Select a national hero, recite heroic stories which essay their sacrifice and dedication. This activity imbibes a national spirit.

3. Junior Chef: Eating your favorite dish gives happiness and if it is made by self the dish seems yummier. Assist your child in preparing their dish; but be careful with knife and flames.
Fun During Sun

4. Mend your Brain: Help children to do science projects in a different fashion by setting a mini lab at home, let them get feeling of scientist.

5. Shake your bones: There are various indoor sports that can be played like chess, puzzle teasers, table tennis, badminton. Select game according to the age and interest of child as at the end of the day heart contentment of child is very important.

6. Artistically Writing: Writing beautifully is an art; and calligraphy enhances it more, if your kids are above 10 years then such practices can improve their handwriting.

7. Decode a language: Learning a new language always gets our mind busy with it. If not in writing learning a new language to speak is fun. In this way kids grasping power increases and this language can be used as code language for fun.

8. Express in Cards: With plenty of time in vacations you can help children in making greeting cards which they can gift to their friends and family. Creativity of child comes out when they do it by themselves.

9. Story writer: Let your child turn more imaginative by writing a story on its own. If children are too young then they may narrate it and you pen down the story. This particular activity helps them being more expressive in thoughts and increases vocabulary.

10. Assisting: Nurturing children with good qualities is a must and inculcating a habit of helping and caring is great. Helping elders, older group and society makes children humble.

So there are now plenty of activities you can choose from to plan a great time in home and have lots of fun during sun. Which activity you are going to add to this list, let me know through your comments.

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” - Malcolm Forbes

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  1. That's an interesting and comprehensive list....

    Used to do many of those things now I'm so lazy!

    1. Thanks Naba, yes we all used to do many things now we have to with kids again becoming a kid ;)

    2. Thanks Naba, yes we all used to do many things now we have to with kids again becoming a kid ;)

  2. Lots of interesting activities to engage the kids during vacations and we can get to spend quality time with them too!

    1. Yes Shilpa learning through playing is always fun :)

    2. Yes Shilpa learning through playing is always fun :)


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