Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Book Review : How to be a likable Bigot’ by Naomi Dutta

Today, we have a completely fresh book to review. Yes fresh in perspective and fresh in this approach; it is ‘How to be a likable Bigot’ by Naomi Dutta. A book that will make your burst in laughter with a strong message in hand.

The Book Cover:
The cover is simple yet catchy. The title of the book is one of the chapter names and also the major point that the author wants to put across.

About Author : Naomi Dutta:
Naomi Datta has been a television producer, presenter and writer working with a number of leading channels. She is the author of the satiricalThe 6 pm Slot. Naomi is a frequent and widely followed commentator on mass culture through her twitter handle nowme_datta and her columns in various publications.

A Peep Into the Book:
World today is not stable ever changing at a fast pace. To be a part of this fast track life and survive as a perfect human being is not everyone’s cup of cake. Naomi Dutta in this book has left no stones turned to guide us to emerge as the most liked one, to perfectly gel and come out pro.

This book is all about easy answers for the questions which seems complex. This is a handbook to seek complacency and stay in the race of different challenges at various stages of life.

Sparkles of the book:
The book is a collection of 15 different chapters on various fronts like parenting, workplace, technology and social gatherings expressed in a satirical way providing tips and tricks to mend them in a right way. The chapter titles too are very much creative and hilarious and some of my favourite are 'How to be a kangaroo Dad' , ' How to be a gainfully occupied freeloader'.

For example the author has explained how our resume can work more than our efficiency. She has also shared the language to be used to build a great resume. This could be of great help make a resume standout. The concept of tiger moms is very enjoyable and laugh buster.

Handling the social media pressure and the various WhatsApp groups is explained superbly in a light hearted way.

It is an amazing help book to lookup to survive and emerge as favourite among all without contributing much.

The sketches at the beginning of each chapter portrays the things that will be discussed.

The book is very much relatable to our day to day life in our personal and professional front. The fresh flavours of wit teaches to be extraordinary and likeable while being very much ordinary.

Final Stroke:
The author is a keen observer to clinch the exact nerve and present it very skilfully in an sarticial way which just hits the right chord in life.

The book is surely a very unique take as a concept and the way the writer has explained the fine line between a bigot and being likeable among the fellow colleagues and friends.

One would not hold back the laughter as the author has completely assisted the thoughts in a ironical manner. Very rich vocabulary used did made me look through the dictionary and helped me learn a lot of words.

Liked the writing style and it is very difficult to put sarcasm in writing but the author has done a brilliant job here.

Each chapter is completely independent of the other so could be read in any order. I suggest to read it twice to get the complete feel.

This book is a definite handbook for all those who are self-contained, change resistant yet want to rule the world.

A must read for all who like no other medicine other than laughter.

Book Details
Book Title: How to be a likeable bigot
Author Name: Naomi Dutta
Publisher: Ebury Press by Penguin Random House

Genre: sarcasm
Pages: 187
ISBN: 9780143447146
Price: INR 299
My Rating: 4/5

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  1. I like sarcasm and wit mixed into a book. Gives you that mature sense of humour. I love that.

  2. I like the review you shared ..this looks interesting read!!

  3. Intrigued by your review, I went and searched for more info on the book and it indeed sounds like a laugh riot. Edgy sarcasm, biting humor, what more does one want!

  4. Intrigued by your review, I went and searched for more info on the book and it indeed sounds like a laugh riot. Edgy sarcasm, biting humor, what more does one want!

  5. Nice in-depth review! I am encouraged to pick up the book after reading it.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  6. A great to go with book for all the book lovers nice review...

  7. It seems like a great read book, so many topic in so easily and lightly explained.

  8. This was a fun read. I really like the way the author has selected specific areas of life and taught how to ace them without doing anything!

  9. That's an interesting review of this kinda self help book I various stances of your life.

  10. After reading your review it seems his book talks about the serious aspects in a very light way. Sarcasm with humour, not an easy task, I agree.

  11. You have written a nice review of it. I will check out this book.

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  13. I always talk to my close friends about how much pressure social media and online groups are. I am definitely going to need this book, looks very interesting.

  14. Humour, wit and sarcasm- this sounds like a perfect way to address our daily challenges. The book sounds interesting.

  15. will definitely share the post with my sister and will recommend the book to her...i really feel she will find this book very avid...

  16. I absolutely love to laugh everyday and this will be a good book for me. Thanks for the recommendation.


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  19. I have some questions about life and I guess this book will answer them all. I will read it next. Thank you for your recommendation.


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