Thursday, 24 August 2017

5 Reasons why kids love Lord Ganesha the most

Ganesh Chaturti is approaching and we know how everybody waits for this occasion. Festive mood is all set in the people as this festival is celebrated over a period of 11 days. The aura and presence of “Vighanaharta” is so large that kids love him to the core. So why Lord Ganesha is so popular among kids.

1.     Cute looking Lord:  
Yes Lord Ganesha with a huge tummy and being elephant headed is so charming that kids can’t stop adoring his features.
2.    Easy to recreate: 
Kids love to essay their imagination through words and drawing. Ganesh recreation is simple and many love to make and paint their own Ganesh idol on this occasion. Clay and sand art and plaster of paris is used to make beautiful idols.

3.    Longer Connectivity: 
The longer we stay the closer we feel. Yes, it’s true as Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated for 10 days it helps the younger lot to get more familiar and closer to Ganesha.

4.    Easy Availability: 
A Ganapathi idol ranges from as tiny as 4 inch to as huge as 40 ft. One can take tour of the city to see the various forms of Ganesha placed for this festival. Even after this festival kids can see Ganesha idols in home , car , office and shops. As Lord Ganesh is symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity, his presence can be felt all over.
5.    Lord Ganesha & Kids favorite is same: 
One thing common in kids and Lord Ganesha is common and that is Ganesha Prasad and that is “Ladoo”. Idols of Ganesha also have a handful of ladoos, which is kids favorite too.

So this festive season indulge into favorite sweets as you recite the chant “Ganapatti Bappa Morya”( Lord Ganesha come ahead and bless us) while placing and devoting your prayers to Lord Ganesha.




  1. I agree that most of kids love lord Ganesha. My daughter too love lord Ganesha and pray in front of him. And your are right that ladoo can be the main reason for this.

  2. Ganesha has always been projected as kid also. Remember the cartoon series Bal Ganesha?

  3. Bappa is more accessible and relatable for kids. For my 2 years old he is one neighbour, you see the mandir in the society

  4. Yes Ganesha's presence can be felt, when he leaves after ten days the entire house feels empty, then we have to wait for entire year.

  5. Lord Ganesha is a favorite of all kids, thanks to so many movies and tele-series based his life stories. A lot of values and morals can be learnt from Ganesha's life story too.

  6. Really cute indeed, and kids love Ganesha. Await6the festivities eagerly to enjoy with my family

  7. My lil cousin loves him after watching all those cartoons! And he also likes ladoo! 😃

  8. The two years I worked in Bombay showed me the fun and grandness of Ganesh chaturthi. Can imagine how much kids would love it.

  9. My kids don't have any favourite Gods right now. Maybe in future when they are able to understand more. But your points are valid because I loved Ganeshji a when I was a kid.

  10. Ganesh Chaturthi plays a big role in getting kids acquainted with Lord Ganesha. I remember being amused with his stories as a child.

  11. Kids are attached with Lord Ganesha a lot as in their cartoons also they see Him as a good kid.


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