Wednesday 1 April 2015

Astounding Confidence

“Are we doing it right by coming up here? Our college group is left behind”, Jay hesitated to say this but matched his partner Sameer’s steps.

“Oh my God! I don’t think I am going to enter this creepy looking entrance to find some samples”, Jay was clear in thought and waited for Sameer to answer who looked composed.

“Jay, we are here to explore and get few rare samples so that we can excel in quarterly archaeological project”, Sameer tried to pacify him.

“But what if our fantasy turns into foolish act, I think we should back out”, Jay was more adamant this time.

If we dither at the start then no project can be completed; let’s begin”, Sameer’s words made Jay too confident to begin their new assignment without any doubt.



  1. Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing. Love that photo.

    Brooke Blogs

    1. Thanks Brooke for appreciation, and pic is sourced from Five Sentence Fiction

  2. BEst of luck with A-Z. Are you also doing the five sentence challenge? Hard to mix the two and stick to the letter of the day, eh?

    1. Yes Christine I combined the prompts and we need really good luck to survive this challenge :)
      We are participating for the first time in this challenge.

  3. I like the way you tied the picture in with the word prompt. Nicely done.


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