Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Book Review: Sorcery of the Senses by Tanima Das

The five sense organs of our body constantly guide us throughout our life for a purpose that sometimes we fail to understand. The book Sorcery Of The Senses by Tanima Das uniquely portrays this ideology. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is simple, highlighting the title at the center. The backdrop shows the caricature of a lady with a bow and an arrow.

The Plot: 

The story starts with the introduction of the central character, Dhruv, who is juggling to settle things in his not-so-good married life with Juthika. He keeps visiting his parents house in Raukipur in search of peace that would at least revive his last bit of will to live. 

The parental house brings more surprises than he ever thought of. He opens an old trunk in the store room, thinking that his childhood belongings would bring him some solace. He meets Drishti, the sense of vision, and Sparsha, the sense of touch. They took Dhruv in his past life when he was a woman with supervision and the miraculous healing power of a touch, respectively.

Both senses explain to him that he is here to fulfill a mission left unsolved in his past lives. Will Dhruv listen to his feelings, or will his senses betray him in the present life, too? It is worth the read. 

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Saturday, 4 March 2023

Know What is Women's Greatest Support System

We have always heard that behind every man, there is a woman, but this is also very much true that behind every successful woman, there is a woman with firm determination. A determination to wade through the social barriers to light a better world for women like you and me.

What I am today is only your thought:

It is the epitome of strength a woman has taken to reach where they are, and that is only possible when the mindset is progressive. Being an ambassador of change is a challenging road to walk. It is the perseverance to rise above all the hurdles and redefine self and the people around them.

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Short Story: Imperishable Love Story: Sheen & Erum


I am Sheen. I believe the world is full of surprises, emotions, expectations, and love. An innocent bond of love expects nothing, just a little place in a humble heart.

It was a bright day. The golden glaze pierced through the sky's cottony curtains to explore life. It was a relief after a blizzard that trapped Erum and me inside an old cottage for 4 long days. I clearly remember the day I met him. It's been 8 years of togetherness or, more aptly, 6 years.

Winters in Kashmir are highly unpredictable, where every hook and corner is covered with a white drape. I enjoy the beautiful terrains of the valley where nature has carved some marvelous creations on earth. But for me, Erum was god's best creation ever.

I came to Kashmir along with my mother and cousins. The place soaked me entirely in its mesmerizing charm. Our abode was a houseboat. There were rows of precisely similar-looking attractive houseboats running along the banks of Dal Lake, appearing as though narrating thousands of stories to the calm waters.

A walk down the valley was my favorite pastime every day. That day, my mom was hesitant to send me out as the unpredictable weather could take enormous form. But I assured her I would return home early.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Achieve Your Financial Goals in 7 Simple Steps

 As we have already entered the New Year, most of us must have planned a better financial year. Whether we are planning budgets to purchase our desired things or saving the amount for the future, whatever the reason, managing finances is a crucial part of every household. And being financially literate is one of the essential parts of life.

Sometimes the habits we have been following for ages also account for financial planning. Let us see a few ways to control finances and save money for future goals to meet.

Easy finance tips