Saturday, 24 September 2022

5 Life Virtues Board Games Teach Children Easily

Games always remain the most accessible means to learn anything that remains deep-rooted throughout our lives. Games are for all; every child has the right to play, and it also benefits them indoors, outdoors, or online. "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning," Mr. Rogers brilliantly put across the point to prove the importance of playing in a child's life. 

Why Games are important

Games are the best way to refresh one's mind 

It is the most exciting way to spend a quality fun time. 

It opens the door to imagination

It helps nurture the creative side

It builds a strong foundation

It teaches us important life lessons.

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Thursday, 8 September 2022

Book Review - Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

Self-help books are my favorite genre as I genuinely believe learning is a lifelong process, and one can learn at any point in life. With a keen interest in these books, I am sharing my honest review of the much-talked book "Do Epic Shit" by Ankur Warikoo.

Book Review - Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

Book Title & Book Cover:

The book cover is as plain as it can be, yet the simplistic approach with the font and color makes the book peep out through bookshelves when you want to look out for it. The book will grab your attention with bold fonts and a yellow cover. The book title may sound a little weird, but Ankur Warikoo hits the bull's eye by writing a title in slang that today's youth understand and follow.

Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo is a self-help book for the youth

Thursday, 18 August 2022

5 Factors That Can Make Personal Finance Planning Smooth

Managing finances for a family is a huge responsibility as it has to cover the needs, wants, and aspirations of the future. The balance between earnings and savings makes life different, depending on the decisions taken regarding finances while being practical.

While budgeting has a more significant role to play in finance, here I present a few factors that can make personal finance planning smooth. Besides, it helps me cater to all the family's needs yet save for the future and emergencies.

Sunday, 14 August 2022

75 Quotes by the PM & the President of India : Amrit Mahotsav

Celebrating 75 years of Independence of India, we are celebrating Amrit Mahotsav this year 2022. Our leaders have always led the nation on a prosperous path and guided us with their words. We have encapsulated powerful quotes from the Prime Ministers of India and famous quotes from the President of India. We present 75 quotes by the PM of India & President of India in total. 

Collating all the quotes is our way to celebrate Amrit Mahotsav with 75 quotes from the PM & President of India and sharing a glimpse of history with our readers on our blog. 

50 Prime Minister of India Quotes

Jawahar Lal Nehru  15-Aug-1947 to 27-May-1964.

The first Prime Minister of Independent India was known as 'Chacha Nehru' for his love for children.

1. "Without peace, all other dreams vanish and are reduced to ashes."

2. "Citizenship consists in the service of the country."

3. "Facts are facts and won't disappear on account of your likes."

4. "The children of today will make the India of tomorrow."

Gulzarilal Nanda 27-May-1964 to 9 June 1964  11-Jan-1966 to 24 January 1966 

The second Prime Minister of India gave his services from

5. "Industrialization relations are of the highest importance from every point of view including that of production." 

6. Water gushing out of thousands of springs at different places cannot move the wheels of a big engine to carry out very heavy tasks. But the channeled flow of the same water in the bed of a stream will, however, be irresistible and can become a source of tremendous energy.