Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Valentines Day Mantra

Valentines Day brings many set of emotions, memories of past and plans for future. Those who have found their soul mates will celebrate the day in togetherness and pampering each other’s wish. And those who are about mark this day with new turn to their life, here is the mantra that will help you to conclude the day on positive note no matter if the answer is yes or no.

Valentines Day symbols the day to express the feelings, so there is no reason that one should not express their feelings towards the person they think it’s their right partner.
“LET IT GO.” Yes let your emotions be expressed in most humble manner to the person and say him/her the magical words you were rehearsing all these days.

If the same feelings are reciprocated then you are surely on right track to find the soul mate and if answer is NO then don’t be disheartened, maybe the person was not your soul mate, LET IT GO. Let that person go away from you, as there is famous saying “If its true love then it will surely return to you”.

So a YES or NO if you follow the mantra of “LET IT GO”, then surely you have a Valentines Day end with a positive note. Maybe your soul mate little farther from you and soon shall begin journey towards you.

Do you have any mantra for Valentines Day? Share the mantra that worked right for you.



  1. Good post, Meenal. The link you posted on my site (shirleycorder.com) was incorrect. I had to hunt for this post. Maybe check in case you're making the same error other places too. I've checked them against each other and all I can see is you have a / at the end of the link on my page. I wouldn't have thought that would make a difference but check for yourself. Have a lovely day.

  2. I learnt a few years back how important I was to myself and since then have been professing self love towards myself esp on 14th Feb. I try and head out with my girlfriends for a evening out, listen to really classic old hindi songs (they were the ones with the real swoon quality) and generally pamper myself!! Its all about me on Valentines for me!!

  3. Let it go should definitely be the mantra whether it is with respect to finding the soul mate or maintaining other relationships. As we get older, the meaning of Valentine's day undergoes a change. I think it is meant for people in the teens and 20s. In 30s and 40s, it happens to be just another day


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